Paul Rhoden
    I Paul Rhoden was born on August 8,1945 to Gertrude and Carnett Rhoden. I was one of  12 children . I was blonde headed and blue eyed and everybody called me"Toe Head" because my hair was so blonde. I was raised up poor on farms in north Florida in a small town called Live Oak,Florida. My dad was a preacher and my mom had a full time job raising kids.
      My Dad and my sisters sang together until they all got married off. Then after that when they would all come home Dad would drag out the ole' guitar and get them all singing again. He thought everybody should sing. Even mama had an old singer sewing machine in the house.
      When I was about 11 years old I was standing in front of the radio ( that's all we had, no TV ) and I was singing along with the gospel groups that were singing. The local radio station WNER AM would always play gospel from 1 to 1:30 pm everyday. The program was called "Sunshine Time". Dad had that radio dialed in and you better not turn it.         
      Well I was singing with the groups and was singing every part. I didn't even know the word harmony was. But Dad heard me singing and he looked at me and said boy I didn't know you could sing like that. You get ready to sing with me and your brother Sunday at church. No practice just threw me under the bus.
      That was the start of my singing career. After I got older I left home and got out of church and made my own decisions at the age of sixteen. I ran from the Lord until I was 24. I had married at 18 and was the daddy of  3 children. I grew up fast. I was really settled down when I got married though. I was advanced in my age I guess.
       After I come back to the Lord I knew I was going to be singing again. I was filled with His Holy Spirit a few months after I rededicated my life to God. Less than three months later God called me into the ministry. I fought it tooth and nail but to no avail. I started out singing in June of 1970 on Mother's Day. I sang a song and dedicated it to my loving mother. The name of the song was 'I Don't Know Who Hold Tomorrow, But I Know He Holds My Hand". WOW I cried all the way through that song because my precious mother had prayed so many prayers for me to come back to the Lord. My Dad had passed away when I was 20 years old and was no longer there.

  Today almost 48 years in the ministry now I see a different Paul than when I started. God has worked on this ole' building so much. I praise God for all he has done for me and my ministry. He is a great big God and I love him more every day. I was Ordained in 1974 and received my Doctorates Degree in 2017 from Calvary International School of Ministry And Theology.
   I started writing songs in my early ministry. I thought they were poems but then the Lord would give me the tune as he fed the words into my soul. Today I have written over 300 songs some have been recorded by me and some by other groups and individuals. I have recorded 30 projects thus far and look forwards to recording many more.
    We travel all over the USA and carry the gospel wherever God opens a door. Doing over 200 dates per year gets tiresome but the Word of God says work while there is day for night will come. 
  An old song comes to my mind that says " I don't regret a mile I traveled for the Lord, I don't regret the times I trusted in His Word, I've seen the years go by many days without a song, But I don't regret a mile I traveled for the Lord".
  No I don't regret not one mile I've traveled for the Lord. Even through the ups and downs and trials and troubles it has been sweeter as the days go by just knowing Jesus has my back. It makes a difference when you know that you are safe in the harbor of Gods amazing grace and he will keep you thru the fire.
My only hope is that God will use the  me wherever I go and no matter what the circumstances He will give  me the strength to keep on keeping on until His return.