It is with great honor and pleasure to pay tribute to such an outstanding southern gospel quartet, "The Original Swanee River Boys." The next few pages are a memorial for Buford Abner, his wife, Dorothy, his daughter, Pam, and the Swanee River Boys.
And now, without further adieu, we present to you, the boys that made it happen. 

It is chiseled in stone that the original Swanee River Boys set the trend for todays Southern Gospel Quartets.
 George Hughes, Leroy Abernathy, Bill Lyles and Billie Carrier  at WSB Radio  in Atlanta,Ga.1943 and 1944 R. Merle Abner, Bill Carver,        Buford Abner  and Bill Nelson
   The Swanee River Boys ( Top )         Buford Abner (L.) Bill Carriier (R)          Merle Abner (B) Bill Nelson
     at WFBMT.V.Indianapolis,In.
 Cincinnati,ohio 1948 L. to R. Buford, George,                           Bill and Merle
           On The delta Queen  Cincinnati,Ohio  1949 
L.To R. Don Stringfellow, Horrace Floyd, Buford Abner and Merle Abner in 1955 Indianapolis,Indiana attending   \
Stamps Baxter School of Music  ( Just Kidding ) R. Bill Carver,Merle Abner, Bill Nelson                        and Buford Abner
Swanee River Boys on the Delta Queen  in                            Cincinnatti Ohio 1949